Fast Forward Games ( is an initiative that brings together the top gaming CEOs, VCs and Angel Investors, offering their time, expertise, network and experience to accelerate the funding process for gaming start-ups. Due to COVID-19, the funding climate has changed, resulting a more challenging environment for many start-up studios looking to raise much-needed capital.  We are here to help gaming entrepreneurs navigate these unprecedented times.

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As entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly unable to meet in-person due to COVID-19, the level of investment into gaming studios has slowed down dramatically.  Entrepreneurs are not able to receive sufficient feedback on their propositions, and investors have a reduced ability to get to know the entrepreneurs and test their hypotheses further.

Fast forward games is an initiative aimed at bridging that gap.  We have brought together key gaming CEOs, VCs, and Angel Investors, to offer a number of services to entrepreneurs:


  • Feedback: We provide feedback on your pitch, offering advice on how to present your funding proposition and input on the most suitable people to speak with.

  • Fast-track: We provide introductions into major VCs who we are collaborating with on this initiative.

  • Lightning fast decisions: Investments provided from this group, to enable studios to secure a quick decision and quick injection of capital.  We aim make decisions to invest quickly (within 48 hours of a zoom meeting) and we invest remotely, without the need to meet in person.


Our hope is to enable a faster and more efficient funding process for start-ups and combat the restrictions created by our inability to travel and meet. With so much of an investment decision being based upon getting to know each other, we believe that a group of industry veterans joining forces can build the trust and the connectivity needed to complete investments in a much faster, and better way.

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The Fast Forward Games initiative is brought to you by some of the leading angel investors and experienced executives in gaming, such as: Chris Lee, Ben Holmes, Akin Babayigit, Akira Ushioda, Matteo Vallone, Lior Shiff, Sekip Gokalp, Alvaro Alvarez del Rio among others.

The group has excellent access to the VC community. As part this initiative we have engaged the support of Cherry Ventures, Makers Fund, Play Ventures, and others to ensure they will fast-track opportunities that the initiative identifies.